Employee relocation

Internic Moving Services has the expertise to relieve your stress and provide you a smooth move to a new environment.


Nowadays, professional expatriation is a commonplace in the career of an employee. Especially since going abroad is fascinating adventure. If until recently going abroad turned out to be a life project, we see that it is no longer the case. Human beings are becoming more and more nomadic in a world of perpetual movement and evolution. 

We often forget that a successful professional expatriation begins with its installation. At Internic Moving Services, we excel in supporting people arriving in a new environment.



By email and/or phone

2. Technical visit

Visit of an expert to assess the volume and identify the elements requiring more attention

3. Free quote

It will be communicated to you or to your Human Resources department

4. Validation of the quote

Signed quote received by our team and confirmation of the moving date

5. Declaration of value 

Dispatch of relevant documentation to be completed for customs and protection plan (if applicable)

6. Date

Set a moving date

7. Moving day

Our experts will arrive on time and proceed with your move and delivery

8. Contact 

At Internic, our success is your satisfaction. We will contact you after your move to assess your satisfaction