Moving to Florida.

The State of Florida is attracting more and more immigrants and expatriates who wish to settle in the United States. This craze for Florida is based on many factors:


Pleasant climate:

The climate is considered subtropical, with hot, humid summers and dry, mild winters. In winter, the minimum temperature rarely drops below 10°C. This climate attracts a large number of snowbirds from Canada.

Growing cities:

Florida has many large, multicultural (Miami, Orlando …) and livable cities that offer great business opportunities.

Did you know that Florida is the 3rd most populated state in the United States, recently surpassing New York?

A synonym of prosperity radiates around Florida, notably because it is known worldwide for its tourism, medical research, biotechnology, aerospace developments, and prestigious universities.

Finding an apartment or house in Florida:

Florida is often associated with luxurious and expensive living. While it’s true that major cities like Miami and Tampa Bay are much less affordable, other nearby cities offer affordable and reasonable housing. It is important to contact a local real estate agent to get a real feel for the area and prices.

Did you know that Florida is a true melting pot, where every corner has incredible diversity?  In addition, Florida is home to one of the largest Latino communities.

Top cities to consider for a move to Florida:


The city of Orlando is popular because of its still affordable cost of living and its many attractions such as Disney World, Seaworld, Universal Orlando Resort…


Tampa is one of the largest cities in Florida. It is growing rapidly, and many large companies are settling in. As a result, the city is experiencing tremendous job growth.


If we had to describe Miami with adjectives, it would be energetic (the city never stops), diverse (a real melting-pot), amazing (surprises at every corner) …… In addition, the city offers breathtaking beaches and warm weather all year round.

A move to the most beautiful beaches in the world:

Florida has miles and miles of breathtaking white sand beaches (Sanibel Island, Siesta Key, South Beach, Clearwater Beach, Naples…). When you move to Florida, don’t forget to bring your towel, umbrella and sunscreen. 

Moving to Florida is easy:

Florida is a very popular destination and there are many moving companies to make your transition enjoyable. You can move by container for an international move or by truck for a long-distance move.

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