Your moving day is fast approaching? Are you looking for a professional mover who can keep you informed of the path your belonging will take?

If you have opted for a door-to-door move, your mover will come to your home, pack and take your belongings to his warehouse.

Upon arrival at the warehouse, depending on the quantity of your goods, a 20 or 40 foot container will already be on site for loading.

Your belongings will be carefully placed in the container and will be secured to ensure optimal protection.

What are the different types of containers?

The size of your container will affect the price of your move. In most cases, your belongings will be place in standard 20 and/or 40-foot containers.

If your belongings are less than 20 feet in volume, in order to save on the price of your move, you have the option of choosing a groupage shipment. This means that the mover will put your belongings with those of other people going to the same destination.

Be aware, that the groupage option may seem the cheapest and most suitable. However, filling a 20-foot container may take longer. The speed will depend on how quickly your mover can fill the 20-foot container.

The maritime transport of your goods:

After loading your goods into the container, your mover will take them to the nearest port so that they can be sent on a cargo ship to the desired destination.

If you have chosen Canada as your destination, your goods will probably be shipped to the port of Montreal, Vancouver, or Halifax. These three ports are the most important in Canada. They are important gateways because Canada is bordered by the ocean to the west, east and north, and has direct access to the United States.

The port of Vancouver:

Vancouver has the largest port in Canada. It is a real hub for all the world’s goods, especially those coming from Asia.

Did you know that over $200 billion worth of goods pass through the Port of Vancouver each year?

And like all other ports in Canada, it is a secure port with a highly developed logistics system to handle the thousands of containers that move through it every day.

The port of Halifax:

The Port of Halifax is another major Canadian port with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean and over 150 countries. It is known for its logistics and container handling times, which are the fastest in North America, with truck wait times estimated at less than 30 minutes.

 Did you know that in 2019, more than 1,400 ships docked at the Port of Halifax?

 Final step:

When your goods arrive at the port, the movers will receive them and take them directly to the address you have specified. Depending on the services you have chosen, the movers will unpack your goods and recycle the boxes.

Now that you have a quick summary of an international move, are you looking for a mover you can trust? A mover with many years of experience who will know how to avoid all the pitfalls and give you a smooth move?

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