An international or long distance move during the winter vacations : What to expect :

It’s almost that time of year that we look forward to. The leaves on the trees have all fallen, the evening are getting darker faster, and we have our boots and heavy coats out.

While the world decorates their homes with a thousand and one colors, have you decided to move abroad or over a long distance ?


First of all, you should know that this is not a bad idea ! In fact, it’s a great idea. An international or even long distance move during the holiday season has many positive points. 


Greater flexibility for moving companies during winter vacations :

International movers experience a decline in moves to and from canada during the winter months. This is often considered the off-season, as it is much less busy than the summer.

Consequently, this is great news for you ! You will have the opportunity to have a more flexible move with the best international and long distance moving companies.


An affordable price for your international move during winter vacations :

Let’s consider an example, if you are moving from France to Quebec or from Quebec to France, you mover will offer you lower rates during the winter months for this type of move. As you can imagine, the most popular moving dates are summer, spring and fall. Therefore, if you are on a budget or want to spend less to ship you belongings in a container, consider moving during the winter vacations.


A stress-free move during your winter vacations :

For many people, moving can be a source of stress as it forces them to work and plan the move along with their daily tasks. Being able to juggle all of this quickly becomes a real headache, which is why we advise you to plan your move during the winter holidays.

In addition, do not hesistate to ask your move to pack and unpack your belongings for you. This way, you can enjoy your vacation with you family and friends.


Spend New Year’s Eve in your new home :

Spending New Years’ Eve in your new home is a real adventure. The decorating will be more exciting and thrilling and it will help you and your family get used to a new environment faster.

In conclusion, moving during the winter vacations is a great idea! So what are you waiting for ? Request you free quote and plan your moving during the winter vacations!