Brytor International, founded in 1964 in Toronto and a true pioneer in international moving in Canada, celebrates its 60th anniversary with significant expansion. The company has played a crucial role in the evolution of the moving industry over the past six decades. Do you know the origin of the name Brytor? The two founders, Bryan and Victor, had the clever idea of merging their first names to create the distinctive name Bry-Tor.

This new year of 2024 represents a major milestone in Brytor’s history, signaling the launch of an ambitious expansion project. Following the success of the recent opening of the Seattle branch, the company is set to establish 7 new branches in the western United States. These branches will be established throughout the year in key cities, thereby strengthening the company’s presence in the region. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, and San Diego in California, as well as Portland in Oregon and Boise in Idaho, will host the new branches, positioning Brytor closer to its clientele in these states.

From the majestic Pacific Northwest to the dynamic South, these new branches will connect the western United States, greatly facilitating international moves, particularly towards Asia and Oceania, long-distance journeys, and cross-border moves with Canada and Mexico. By bringing Brytor’s services closer to its clients, the company reinforces its commitment to operational excellence and optimal customer satisfaction.

Brytor International remains true to its core values while embracing the necessary innovation to thrive in an ever-changing industry. As the company celebrates these 60 years of success, it looks to the future, ready to take on new challenges and continue its mission of excellence in international moving.

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