Moving during winter in Canada

Moving to or from Canada in winter : What to expect ?

Winter is fast approaching and this is the time you have chosen for an international or long distance move ?

First of all, your move will need to be carefully planned. As you can imagine, the Canadian winter can be a major challenge. The temperatures can quickly drop to -30°C.

But this is not a reason to give up and postpone your move, because from a technical and logistical point of view, it is quite possible.

To move with peace of mind and avoid any problems that may arise during your move, we advice you to call on Canadian experts in international or long-distance moving such as Internic Moving Services who will be able to ensure your move from start to finish.


Why use movers ? :

Planning a move during the winter means moving during the off season. This gives you the privilege of deciding exactly when and how your move will take place. In addition, you will quickly notice that rates are more competitive than in the summer.

A lower demand also means that you can negotiate with the moving company to lower the price. But don’t forget to check if the company you choose has the experience to move your belonging in winter conditions.


How to protect you electronic and fragile belongings during the winter when you move ? :

Did you know that the cold of winter slows down or stops the chemical reactions necessary for the functioning of your electronic devices ? It is therefore important to wrap your devices with a blanket to insulate them and protect them from the cold.

For fragile items, it is equally important to protect them as much as possible. Moving in a transport truck or in a container in winter conditions can damage your belongings, as they become more fragile with the temperature.


Some tips for a smoth move to or from Canada :

– To ensure a safe move for you and the movers, don’t forget to remove snow and ice.

– If you want to pack your belongings yourself, identify your boxes so that the movers can place them in the right rooms without constantly asking you.

– Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, especially about the type of container used to transport your belongings.

For a smooth move, hire and experienced mover and enjoy your winter vacations instead.

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