Do you hear more and more that living in Canada is an incredible adventure? Do you think you will take the big step soon? This is what more than 200,000 French speakers in France and Belgium have taken as a decision, whether as a family, as a couple or as a single person.

Why Canada ? 

Canada is a land of welcome, it needs more and more labor; enough to attract many people looking for a haven of peace with a well paid job.

Compared to other countries, Canada is more flexible, it is easier to take the steps to settle there. Language is also an important factor; French being an official language, makes Canada an attractive country for an international immigration project.

At the same time, Montreal is one of the most popular destinations, the second largest city in Canada with nearly 2 million inhabitants. Warm (at least warmerer than Quebec City), cosmpolitan, a rare find in North America. Whether you want to live downtown among skyscrapers or are looking for a quiet and historic residential neighborhood, Montreal has it all.

How to travel to Canada ? 

Keep in mind that Canada is a big country, with another big country as a neighbor. If you’re not an American, that probably means you’re going to be on a long trip. So, it is important to prepare  your move if you wish to avoid unpleasant surprises, a few important points should be expected.

Moving internationally means that your papers must always be up to date! : Passport, Visa, PVT, CSQ… it is strongly recommended to keep copies of your documents in case of loss. We invite you to use the Immigration Canada website to learn more about the various documents you need to move and live in Canada.

Moving internationally requires careful planning. Never wait until the last moment, make sure you always get ahead.

Decide on the date of your move

Choose the means of transport; sea ​​or air. Shipping by sea is the easiest and cheapest for an international move. Be aware, however, that a move by sea, with a door-to-door option *, can take between 3 to 6 weeks to bring your belongings home.

* Door to door service: Everything is taken care of by the mover; administrative procedures for packaging as well as the dismantling and reassembly of your goods.

Click on this link and receive a free international moving quote from an experienced and FIDI-accredited mover in no time.

When to move to Canada?

There is no right time to start a move and it mainly depends on your situation and your plans. Be aware, however, that the Canadian winter can be difficult for newcomers to bear. In addition, in Canada, the majority of lease renewals take place on July 1. Consider these elements when preparing for your move.